Blog Post 8

The topics we have covered are A Very Big Branch, Cabinet Building, What States Do,
Government Spending, Municipal Government, County Government.
What I remember most is Municipal Government.
What I remember least is County Government.
What I did well was I finished most my assignments.
I struggled with Cabinet Building.
What I can do better is do all the homeworks on time.
 I don't have any questions at the time.
Yes, because every day I set a goal to turn in my homework and do everything well to be able to pass my class.

Blog Post 7

What topics have we covered the last couple of weeks? The Legislative branch and the Executive Branch.What do I remember most? the Executive branch. What do I remember least? all the titles and names for laws.What did I do well? was doing everything that we did in class and finishing the homework.What did I struggle with? I struggle with finishing the full assignment.What can I do better? the worksheets, and the mini quiz.What questions do I have? I don't have any questions at this time.Where am I in achieving the goal I established earlier this week? I'm reached the goal every week.

what the executive branch is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress and, to that end, appoints the heads of the federal agencies, including the Cabinet.

Blog Post 6

Over the last 2 weeks  We have covered bills,  the house of representatives as well as the most things that every citizen should know.I remember most about The House of Representatives.What i remember the least is the covered bills.I think I did well on takes notes.I struggled on the research for my project.I can do better on my Test, I don't have any questions right now.I'm achieving my goal I am turning all my workin to accomplish the goal.

Blog post 4

The Topics we have covered the last weeks is popular sovereignty, limited government, rule  of law, separation of powers, and checks and balances.
 What I struggled with was remembering some of the separations of powers.
 I set out to be better with my schoolwork and little by little I am achieving.

 What I remember most is the Limited Goverment.
 What I remember least is the rules of laws.
 I did well on the homework.
 I can do better work in Group.
 I dont have any questions.

Limited Government is when the government has a limit of power.
The rule of law is everyone including the president have to follow the law.
Federalism is the system of government we have.                                                         Representative government is when the government has people who represent us as a state. Checks and Balances is when the three branches government.                                            Consent of the governed is the people who are governed.                                    …

Blog Post 3

the last two weeks, we covered the topics of the Articles of Confederation, the writing of the Constitution, the conditions under which they wrote.

I remember most about the Articles of Confederation.
What I remember least is the Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
What I did wellwas do all the work given.
The one I struggle with was The british documents or the bill of rights.
Maybe take more notes.
I don't have any questions at the time.
I'm achieving by getting my work done and turning it on time.

They feared that it would scare the people away and then nothing would get done at all. That's why they kept it so secretive while writing the new constitution, and The constitutional convention was so secret because they didn't want just anyone to know what was going on and what was going to change.

Blog post 1

The topics are Who rules, Why government,  forms of governments, Magna carta 
The topic that I remember is Forms of government
The one I remember the least is who rules
The most big struggle It was with the vocabulary
Why many countries have different goverment
My achievement for this week was to try to turn in my assignments.
Answer the questions of magna carta.
I have to focus on reading more paragraphs and answering the questions quickly.